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I want to talk about this video. While we were talking, we kept rolling the whiskeys one after the other. I could see my wife getting drunk. He didn’t take much drinks. But what was more interesting to me was that I knew that the drink had some kind of aphrodisiac effect on it. Now, she was immersed in the fast rhythm of the playing music and began to swing on the stool she was sitting on. Geile immediately took the opportunity and invited her to the dance. My wife immediately agreed. As he walked towards the runway in front of the Negro, his hips started to shake more and more.

A perfect hour
I continued the conversation with Diop. But I was looking at my wife, who was dancing on the runway, or rather, the black man. The music was fast. My wife used to tell me good. Geile, on the other hand, was dancing beautifully. Like all niggers, his body was mingled with music and rhythm. When he was like that, my wife was totally into it. As a result, not only me, almost everyone watched a great show emerged.They danced a long time. Then I suddenly felt the need to go to the bathroom. I got up and went out. The first thing I noticed when I walked back in was that the music had slowed down.

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When I looked at the runway, I saw that my wife and Geile were still there. But things have changed a lot now. His Nigerian arms hugged my wife with both arms and pulled him to it. My wife seemed to have left herself completely in her arms. His whole body was stuck to the nigger’s giant body. He just woke up. Then I glanced at the bar. Diop was watching them from his seat. She hadn’t seen me. I took a step back and put a column between him and me. Then I gave all my attention to my wife and Geile. They took her and take to the room. They fucked her all night and watched. Ah.. that was amazing.